The Best Way to Keep your SuperActive Kids Busy Indoors


It’s not always easy to keep your children occupied at home. Whether it’s because of apartment living or bad weather, it’s not always possible to get the kids outside to do activities. To keep this time spent indoors enjoyable for everyone, it is best to be prepared and plan activities to keep the kids calm and entertained.
Here is our list of indoor activities that will delight your children and you at the same time !

6 Indoor Activity Recommendations for a fun day :


1. Treasure Hunt 

Worst case scenario : You have invited your child’s friends to come play at home, but all of a sudden, it starts to rain. All the outdoor activities you had planned are cancelled ! Don’t panic, we have a solution for you : organize a treasure hunt for them ! Designed for 4 to 7 year olds, our printable treasure hunts can be organized both outdoors and indoors ! On the program : clues to find, mini-games to win and especially the treasure to discover ! With a good snack as a reward, you can be sure that they will be part of the game !

For more information, check out our printable treasure hunts !

2. Board Games

Timeless and for a good reason, board games are suitable for all types of children and will manage to keep them occupied during a rainy afternoon. Timeless and for a good reason, board games are suitable for all types of children and will manage to keep them occupied during a rainy afternoon. You will find here classic but timeless games revisited according to the current trends (Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, …), games for the most dreamy among us (Dixit, …) or even games for the youngest (Guess who ?, …). 


3. Build a Play Tent and have a snack inside

Two activities in one! Start by organizing a cooking workshop with the kids, with the main goal of having fun while preparing the best snack ever! From cupcakes to fruit salads, everything is possible and everything is fun ! Once you have your candy, cake and juice ready, you can start setting up the play tent. Grab your fluffiest pillows and softest sheets, and build an amazing hut ! And that’s it, you’re done, just let them enjoy their brand new home !

4. Do a Science Experiment

Complex at first glance, but very simple in practice, scientific experiments will delight young and old alike! No need for a lot of preparation or material, you will often just need to grab tools from around the house to perform your experiments. Some examples of fun experiments to do with your family : a lava lamp (bottle, vegetable oil, water, dye and antacid effervescent tablets), glueless slim (cornstarch or marshmallows, water and dye), or a shaving foam cloud (clear glass, shaving foam, dye and water) on the program !
In addition to having fun, you will make them understand simple scientific principles !


5. Have a Dance Party 

Put on some music, get a dance floor ready and you’re in for the wildest afternoon ever! For a little dare, you can challenge the kids to invent a choreography to their favorite music ! Laughter and pirouettes guaranteed !

6. Good News Journal

Aren’t you tired of the daily news on the TV news, or the cartoons without any head or tail ? Suggest to the children to make their own newspaper (of good news), presented by themselves! Build the TV with a cardboard box, a cutter (to be supervised) and a pen, and disguise them in one of their favorite character, and you’ll attend the coolest TV news ! Kids will love dressing up, decorating the TV and inventing a funny program !


The activities presented are also great ideas for a child’s birthday party, so don’t hesitate to throw your child a fun and unique party with their friends !
Easy to organize, inexpensive and adaptable to any type of party, kids will remember it for a long time !

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