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Here you can find printable treasure hunts for your kids or your kids birthday party.

We create original printable treasure hunts for kids. These were designed to be as simple as possible to set up and to animate. These very funny games will undoubtedly entertain every child participating, whether this is for boys, girls, or for both!

 If there are 10 players or fewer, enjoy a 1-team printable treasure hunt.

with this you can build a better team building experience and fun team treasure hunting experience with the tools that we will provide you with and with the system that we have created for all the things that you’ll need in this experience.

However, between 10 and 20 players, pick up a printable treasure hunt for 2 teams!

Although it is fun to play in a team, it can be a really fun experience hosting multiple teams participating for an event, if there are participants more than 10 up to 20, picking 2 teams creates a manageable fun experience so please pick 2 teams.

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With many agencies providing printable resources there are a lot of services with a goal of providing you with these kind of services. However, not all the services have what we offer to you at a fair price. 

With teams we have developed all the ser

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