The Most Exciting Outdoor Activities for your Kids


It’s summer, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the kids are getting impatient… Wait, what? Yes, with summer comes the arrival of vacation, and vacation means overexcited children to occupy every day. So yes, at first glance, the prospect can be frightening, but it shouldn’t be ! Entertaining your children has never been easier ! Read this article and you’ll have a great time with your kids, them playing, you relaxing !

Whether they are alone, in a group of friends, adventurous or creative, we have everything planned to keep your little ones busy :

6 Outdoor Activity Recommendations for a Great Day Out:

1. Treasure Hunts 

Your little one is between 4 and 7 years old ? Do his friends come to the house and you are struggling to find ways to keep them occupied ? Organize a treasure hunt! With a part of the treasure hunt in the house and another part in the garden, the children will have a great time looking for clues to advance in their treasure quest, and playing mini-games ! With a good snack as a reward, you can be sure that they will be part of the party !
For more information, check out our printable treasure hunts !

2. Hide and Seek

It is as old as the hills, but it’s a great game to keep your kids busy on a hot summer day. The game is very simple to assimilate and can be played absolutely everywhere : house, garden, …

Let’s quickly recall the rules : You just have to hide while a player counts. The goal of the game : find the hidden players !

3. Ring Toss Game

Very entertaining game, the rings game requires slightly more material and preparation than the previous game. However, don’t panic, you have (almost) everything at home! Just start collecting some bottles and wooden rings and you’re all set! Plus, you can have the kids decorate one bottle each with markers, stickers and glitter beforehand, and you’ll have one more activity on hand !

4. Duck Duck Goose :

To play this popular game among children, you’ll need to gather them into a circle, facing inward. One player, called the “picker” walks around the circle tapping or pointing at each player in turn, calling each one a “duck” until finally calling one of them a “goose”, which designates the chosen player as the hunter. The hunter (goose) then stands up and tries to grab the picker, while the picker tries to come back and sit where the hunter was sitting before. If the Picker is successful in sitting down, the Hunter becomes the Picker and the process begins again. If the Hunter successfully grabs the Picker, he or she can return to the previous location and the original Picker restarts the game process.

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5. Water Games

It’s summertime and you want to keep your only child busy with an outdoor game. What could be more fun than playing with water in the heat ? Whether you have a pool or not, you can organize an obstacle course with sprinklers, water guns or water bombs (controlled by yourself). In order to think together and of course have fun, you can create more and more complex courses ! 

6. Make Garden Labels 

This activity is for the more creative among us. Start by collecting large, beautiful rocks in the garden. Once this is done, go with the child(ren) to your vegetables or herbs (if you have any) to decide together what “labels” to make. Then, give free rein to their creative talents: they will have to draw on a pebble the name and image of the vegetables and herbs from the garden!
An alternative to this, if you don’t have any plants, would be to draw what the children see in the garden (flowers, trees, insects…)


The activities presented are also great ideas for a child’s birthday party, so don’t hesitate to throw your child a fun and unique party with their friends !
Easy to organize, inexpensive and adaptable to any type of party, kids will remember it for a long time !

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